What’s hotter than August BWWM?? #Audiobook Version 💋😍

August (A BWWM Romantic Suspense) Now on Audiobook!!

Good morning ,

Lazy Saturday morning or not, I have something that’s going to make one want to stay in bed and . . . cuddle up with the kindle or audio version of my newest release! So plan on finishing August and then go find your significant other, at least that’s what some of the August readers are saying. Another Goodread’s reviewer even compared August and Natalia to “Bonnie & Clyde.” 

            “Hey, can we get an August?

A true alpha male  that knows when

he’s meet his match and not afraid

to get her.” K. B., Goodreads reader

Sounds hot, right? If the reviewers haven’t compelled you, check out the Book Trailer for August the narrator . . . super hot, I love his voice and he matches August to a T!