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The Beast stole me from the Devil . . . 

I was born a trophy owned by the Resnov Bratva, waiting for the day they’d collect.
My identity was engraved in their legacy, and my only purpose was to obey, to submit. I had no voice, and most of all, I had no choice.
I was promised to one yet stolen by another. Simeon Resnov was my savior, a different kind of beast. A beautiful contradiction to the name he carried. 
He hid the darkness in him so well.  

She was meant to sit on a mantel, waiting for her rightful owner to claim her. On that day, she’d be used until there was nothing left until her existence was nothing but blood on his hands. 
But the moment I saw her, I recognized the pain in her eyes. It drew me in, entranced me, and turned into an obsession that demanded I have her. 
So, I took her. I stole the girl branded to another, and now her broken soul is mine to mend…to break…
And mend again.

Note: This novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some readers.